30-foot Dog Training Leash by SportDOG Brand

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This dog training leash by SportDOG Brand is lightweight, easy to coil, and carry. The bright orange cord makes the leash easier to find. 30-feet of check cord is great for exercising and training dogs. There is not your typical handle for leash walking. It is constructed with a strong lightweight material and is specially designed for dog training.

The leash floats in water and is highly visible against any background with its blaze orange color. The orange color is excellent for use during hunting seasons or if you live in an area where hunting is prevalent.

The rope is designed to easily coil. When you are ready to put it away, it will not tangle. Nor will it catch on brush while attached to your dog.

The clip is small and durable. It is made using heavy-duty brass, giving you confident control during training sessions.

SportDOG Brand has a locally based Customer Care Center available 6 days a week who can provide support if you need it.

By designing their products in the field, with heat, cold, rain, snow, dust, mud, and wind in mind, SportDOG has become the most recognized brand in the electronic tracking and training pet supply categories – making the promise to always create “Gear The Way You’d Design It”

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