4 Best Auto-Fetch Ball Launcher Toys for Dogs

Why Dogs Love Fetch

Certain behavioral patterns are found in all dogs. Fetch is no exception. For most dogs, if they can hear, see or smell something and then that something moves, they’re going to chase it. They’re going to catch it. They’re going to shake it, kill it, shred it and eat it. Imagine a dog in its natural state — dog in a world without a human to feed it — and you can easily understand how all dogs would possess the traits needed to survive on their own. The desire to fetch a nummy, yummy, bouncing, brightly colored, smelling good, tennis ball is innate.

To a dog, fetch is a self-reinforcing behavior. It makes the dog feel good just to do it. When you sing karaoke in your master bathroom it’s not because you’re putting on a show. You do it because you want to and it makes you feel good. The same notion goes for how dogs feel about chasing and retrieving a ball or stick.

The fact that some dogs seem to never want to stop is hereditary. It’s a trait that’s been bred into dogs for generations. Think back to a time when men were hunters and gatherers — back when hunting was important and dogs were akin to life-blood. You wouldn’t want your dog feeling like it needs a nap halfway through the hunt, right? Dogs have the energy for a reason. Most of them don’t get enough of it out during thte day.

Do All Dogs Love Fetch?

Most dogs love to fetch, but not all dogs love to fetch. It’s been proven that many dogs of all different breeds are not into fetch, in fact. It’s not necessarily a breed specific trait, but more a dog specific trait. Often, a common scenario dog owners encounter is that you will throw the ball and your dog will chase it, but they won’t bring it back. You’re so close, but it can be disappointing to get that far only to fall short. The good news is with your help and consistent practice your dog can learn to be more excited about for toys and learn to fetch.

Is There Ever Too Much Fetch?

Yeah, sometimes there is too much fetch. There are cases of dogs who are obsessed with fetch. You may know a dog who constant wants to play with a ball, sits and stares at the spot where you store his ball, immediately runs to his backup ball outside when you let him free, and can play fetch for what seems like hours until your arm is tired. This is a fetch obsession. It’s a real thing that affects a large number of dogs.

For many dogs, the right combination of physical activity, training, and positive reinforcement will help turn a ball obsession into a manageable enthusiasm.  If your dog is particularly high-energy and motivated by the presence of a tennis ball, maybe it’s time to turn their obsession into a strength.

Is Fetch Good Exercise for Your Dog?

Small breeds like Terriers, Catahoula Leopard Dogs, and Pomeranians are very energetic. They require more than a brisk stroll. Dog experts recommend active breeds like these get an average of 30-60 minutes of exercise per day for maintaining their optimal mental and physical well-being. Less-energetic breeds like Bulldogs and Shihtzus don’t need as much exercise, but they still benefit from getting up and moving around. Lap dogs are nice, but lap dogs that are so heavy they break hips are not.

Maximize Fetch Time

There’s never a bad time to play fetch. Unless you don’t want to or aren’t able to throw the ball. It happens to the best of us. The good news is that your dog doesn’t need to suffer. He or she can play fetch non-stop, as much as they’d like, as long as you want them to. How? Dog technology. That’s how.

With all the new technology being invented for humans it’s no wonder there are some tech gadgets popping up in the pet world. It was only a matter of time until some genius found a way to allow dogs to play fetch by themselves. Behold, the invention of the auto-fetch.

What is an Auto-Fetcher

AN Auto-Fetcher for dogs is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a small machine your dog can drop its ball into and the machine will launch the ball for the dog to fetch — just as if you had thrown the ball yourself. Remember, fetch obsessed dogs are happy with the reward of being able to fetch the ball. There’s no need to feel guilty about not treating or praising your dog for a successful fetch and retrieve. The act of fetching is all your dog wants. With an auto-fetcher you can provide your dog with endless hours of fulfillment.

Top 4 Best Auto-Fetcher Ball Launchers for Dogs

Check out our top 4 best auto-fetcher automatic tennis ball launching tech toys for dogs:

iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher

The iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher is an automatic tennis ball launcher lets small dogs play fetch to their hearts’ content. Finally, a toy made for small dogs! Comes with 3 mini tennis balls (1.6-inch diameter). Note: This is the small iFetch automatic ball thrower. The iFetch Too is the larger automatic ball launcher. Running and fetching? Perfect. Learning to initiate fetch on their own? Priceless. Owner supervision is recommended. Adjust the distance from 10ft up to 30ft with the press of a button.

Hyper Dog Ball Launcher

This automatic ball launcher for dogs shoots up to 200ft. Need we say more?

iDogmate Ball Launcher

The iDogmate ball launcher launches the ball 10, 20, 40, or 50 feet. Or, you can set it to the random setting using your iDogmate Midi and Remote control. It’s easy to switch between those 4 distances or select the variable setting to keep your puppy guessing. The balls are 2.5 inches in diameter. They are felted like tennis balls, but made for dogs and are non-abrasive on their teeth. Standard tennis balls work great, and any ball about that size should work okay. It runs on an AC Adapter (included) or rechargeable Li-ion batteries (included) which support up to 1000 launches per each full charging.

PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher Dog Toy, Tennis Ball Throwing Machine for Dogs

Launcher throws between 8-30 feet; has 9 distance settings and 6 angle settings; pull out and twist angle knob and distance knob to adjust the launcher’s range. The PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher can be used both indoors and outside to entertain and exercise your dogs. You have the option to use the included power cord or 6 D cell batteries (not included). The PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher works best with standard size tennis balls 2 5/8” in diameter but can be used with smaller tennis-type balls; up to 3 balls can be loaded at a time. Audible tones alert you and your dog, so you know when the ball is detected and will launch, when 2 second motion detection delay is activated and when 15 minute rest time begins and ends. This one is our all around favorite.

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