Southern Maine’s 5 Best Dog Friendly Beaches


Dog Friendly Beach in Maine

Living near the sandy beaches along the coastline of Southern Maine is a boutique luxury for dogs and their owners.

Lucky for tourists, most people from Maine like dogs. Bring Fido when you visit.

You can walk on most of the beaches in Southern Maine throughout most of the year. Certain beaches have leash laws due to also being homes for endangered animals (like the piping plovers) and some have signs posted with hours listing when it is and is NOT permitted for your dog to be on the beach.  Respect the local town ordinances and you can have the dog walk of your life.

Leash up, bring a doggy bag, and enjoy digging your toes into the sand and a cool ocean breeze.

Our Top 5 Dog-Friendly Southern Maine Beaches to Walk On

Ferry Beach

Ferry Beach is located in the Black Point area of Scarborough, ME near the famous Black Point Inn. If you can find parking, this beach is a popular place for dog walkers. There’s a loosely enforced leash law and dogs have time restrictions during the busy summer tourist season. Otherwise, the beach is yours.

Higgins Beach

$10 parking during tourist season. This beach is great for a sunset dog walk. Leashes encouraged. On-street parking limited.

Old Orchard Beach

Old Orchard Beach is a major Southern Maine tourist destination and the slightly over 7 miles of sand beach is dog-friendly. Check for time restrictions during Summer tourist months, but the beach is open all day in the off-season. Take a walk, grab some Lisa’s pizza near the pier or a fried dough, ride the Ferris wheel, and give your dog some exercise with a sunset walk on the beach.

Scarborough Beach

This beach is dog-friendly, but it’s better with a beach pass, so you can get access during off-hours.

Pine Point Beach

Pine Point Beach is funny because it is an extension of Old Orchard Beach. As in, if you keep walking one will turn into the other. Both a great sandy beach dog walks. See the waves. Smell the ocean. Feel the sand under your feet.

Tips for Beach Dog Walking

Bring a ball. Dogs like to run and fetching a ball is a great way to keep them interested in you and as close to you as possible.

Bring a towel. Your dog might take a swim. It happens. Be prepared.

Bring a blanket for your car seats on the ride home. Your dog’s going to be covered in sand. You’ll be happy that you did.

Never forget waste bags. No one wants to be on a romantic beach walk and step in doo. This is just part of being a responsible down owner.

Be aware of other dogs. Some dogs are on a leash for a reason.

Have fun! It’s the beach. Take a walk. Get some exercise. You and your dog will be better off for it.

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