Advanced Oral Care for Dogs

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DID YOU KNOW? Your dog’s health starts with his mouth. Make sure that it stays healthy and clean to ensure a long, happy and meaningful life!
SO SIMPLE! Just one tablespoon to every 8 ounces of water will help prevent nasty, odor-causing plaque and tartar from building up!
ADVANCED FORMULA! Proudly Made in the USA, Vet’s Preferred is a leading producer of Veterinarian-Grade products using only the highest quality ingredients and highest standards of production.
GUARANTEED! Try it out for 30 days and if it doesn’t work for you, simply return with no questions asked!
Makes a Great Gift for New Puppy Owners!IT WORKS! Mild mint flavor helps fight bad dog breath does NOT have to be a problem! Ensure fresh breath, clean dog teeth AND overall dog health! (Safe for Cats)
SO EASY! Don’t waste time wrestling with a dog toothbrush! Simply add a small amount of this dog breath freshener to your dog’s water! Works like dog breath mints!
VETERINARIAN RECOMMENDED! Veterinarian-Grade solution for dog oral health with 100% Money Back Guarantee – Made in USA
DID YOU KNOW? Dogs don’t have hands so they use their mouths for EVERYTHING! This is why dog oral care is CRITICAL for your dog health!
VERY SERIOUS ISSUE! Did you also know that plaque and tartar can cause IRREVERSIBLE gum disease? This can allow dangerous bacteria to enter their bloodstreams causing heart, liver and kidney diseases! Vet’s Preferred Advanced Oral Care addresses these VERY issues!

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