Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture – Maxine Diaper Dog Sanitary Pantie with Velcro Closure

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What is Panties
Panties are normally used as female dog diapers. They have many uses. They can be used for females in heat, females with inconsistency, young puppies still in potty training, and to finish off an outfit. Provide an extra level of protection for your female dog and will keep them from accidentally causing a mess in your home or any other location.

How does this works
Panties are for girl dogs which look like baby pants with a hole for the tail. There is room in the interior for all or half of an adult sanitary napkin or incontinence pad under the tail hole. Elastic around the legs provides a snug fit, and the closure is constructed with industrial strength velcro for a secure fit. You no longer have to worry about your dog causing a restroom incident and embarrassing you in public.

What makes our Panties better
Alfie Pet’s panties are available in many adorable patterns and designs and will not only be very useful, but will also keep your girl looking great. Listening to customer feedback, we have adjusted the sizing to ensure the design is comply with the size and maintain its functionality. The closure is constructed with industrial strength velcro for a secure fit. Our pantie is for comfort, style and will stay put.

Sizing for each dog is unique. We highly recommend you measure your pet precisely with a flexible tape measure to ensure the best fit. Contact us if you have question. We are happy to help.

Alfie is a registered trademark and is exclusively distributed by Petoga Couture. Alfie trademark is protected by US Trademark Law. Use is strictly prohibited. Other seller offerings are counterfeits, they will not be identical to what is advertised here. Petoga Couture ship from US thru Amazon therefore all orders with them are eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping and Prime Shipping Upgrade.Size Large fits waist girth (measures in front of the back legs) 20″- 24″
Eliminates problems from untrained pups, females in season, incontinent dogs and excitable urination
Place adhesive napkin on inside of garment to adsorb liquids
Neoprene material which is suitable for all weather conditions
Machine wash and reusable

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