Amazy Snuffle Mat Slow-Feed Bowl Alternative | Interactive Pet Toy and Smart Toy for Dogs

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Tired of your pet getting sick after eating too quickly? Looking to slow your pet’s eating habits with something like a dog puzzle feeder?

Getting a slow feed dog bowl is a viable option, but these are often destroyed and can be flipped over by your pet, rendering them useless. A snuffle mat feeding mat for dogs, cats, ferrets, and others is the perfect solution to finding an engaging dog toy and interactive cat toy that stimulates natural foraging senses and is a fun toy for dogs and other pets while they eat.

Interactive dog toys are usually only used for treat dispensers for dogs or treat dispensers for cats but the Amazy Snuffle Mats can be used as a general feeding mats for dogs and cats.

To use: sprinkle food amongst snuffle mat folds to create a slow feeder mat. You may have to gently rustle the strands of the feeding mat to have pieces more hidden. Then allow your pet to use their natural hunting inclinations to search for the food.Turns feeding time into game time: Can be used as a treat dispensing dog toy or cat toy or as a dog feeding station or slow feed cat mat
Prevent red noses and friction from plastic food bowls, the soft fabric is gentle on your pet’s sensitive face
Create a dog puzzle toy with every meal, also can be used as a brain teaser for cats
Our mats are 100% polyester, safe for pets, and the perfect size for a variety of pets. Cleaning is easy just hand wash in warm water.
Your satisfaction is our guarantee- contact us with any issues any time to ensure you’re taken care of!

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