CanineStar Automatic Pet Feeder Pet Dish with Intelligent Real Voice Recorder Timer Food Dispenser with LCD Display and 240ML 5 Capacity Dry &

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Setup Instructions:
1. Please connect the DC 5V/1A cable or install 4 “C” batteries and then turn on the power switch, located on the back of the unit.
2. Next you must set the clock time. To do this hit the settings button until the LCD illuminates blue. Then hit the settings button again until the numbers on the left begin to blink. Use the arrows to adjust the numbers up and down. Do this for the numbers on the right as well.
3. Once you have set the time, you can go through each meal (1, 2, 3 and 4) and you can set the time you would like the food to be delivered.
4. To record a voice message simply hit the settings button until the blue LCD illuminates and then hold down the REC/LOBATT button located on the top left corner of the unit(MIC location). You have 10 seconds to record your message.

1. When electric cuts off, you need to reset the current time. The feeding schedule still remain due to the memory function.
2. When the blue backlight on LCD display turns off, the machine enters standby mode. Long press SET BUTTON for 3 seconds to unlock the screen for setting.
3. In order to have correct meal time, please set the local current time firstly. If the feeder was out of power and didn’t have batteries for back up, the clock would not work either.
4. For multiple days setting, for example, if you want to feed your pet for one meal per day, you just need to set the current time and the first meal time, then press the SET button for 3 seconds to save and exit the meal time setting process. In this way, the feeder will feed your pet once per day and last for 5 days. Ditto, the same for 2 or more days settings.

Size: 12 inch ×13 inch ×3 inch
Material: ABS
Capacity: 240mL×5 (1.2 L in total)
Battery: 4″C” size batteries (NOT included)
Input power: DC 5V/1A cable (included)
【5 meal setting and easy to clean】It can hold dry/wet foods setting 5 meal which can satisfy all kinds of pets. The feeder, made of ABS plastic materials, is environment-friendly, sunshine resistant and shock resistant. Removable food tray for easy cleaning and perfect for everyday use.
【Intelligent Pet Feeder】The Timer Program allows you to manage your pet’s feeding routine in best way. The Voice Recorder is able to remind your pet when it’s time to eat, making it feel like you’re home. The large LCD Screen Display makes it easier for you to read.
【Control Convenient 】Programming is easy and perfect for everyday use for pets that need help with weight loss and portion control, or for feeding your pet whether you are home or away. Automatic feeder makes feeding hassle free for pets’ dietary health.
【Dual Power Supply】It supports back-up battery and charging, which can eliminate downtime when the main power source is disrupted. Powerful battery can keep working for 3 to 5 months.
【Warranty and excellent service】30 days money back warranty, 12 months quality guaranteed and 365 days technical supported. Excellent customer service brings you no worries after purchase. Please feel free to reach us if you have any question or dissatisfaction.

Price: $89.99
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