Dial-A-Distance Retractable Dog Leash, Adjustable 0 to 15 Feet

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You should always be mindful of your pup (he’s certainly mindful of you), but one of the most common problems with using a regular retractable leash is the danger that comes from unexpected situations. A dog can suddenly lunge into traffic, towards another pet, or at a child with an oh-so-delicious ice-cream cone. If you’re distracted for even a second, you may not be able to act quickly enough with a normal retractable leash with a manual thumb-brake. Dial-A-Distance puts an end to those risks, allowing you to stop worrying and start enjoying the walk just as much as your dog. When life’s little distractions happen, Dial-A-Distance is your safety net. It automatically stops your dog at a safe length YOU set with just the turn of a dial.STRONG: NOW RATED FOR DOGS UP TO 70 LBS (Packaging may say 55 lbs) Dial-A-Distance is lightweight and compact, but it’s also durable and strong, tested to over 275 lbs of pulling force.
THE RIGHT RANGE AT THE RIGHT TIME, EVERY TIME: Dial-A-Distance auto-brakes at the safe maximum length YOU set (from 0 to 15ft.) with just the turn of a dial. Have all the benefits of a retractable leash (more freedom, more exercise, less tangles), minus the dangers!
FREEDOM AND SAFETY IN ONE: When life’s little distractions happen, Dial-A-Distance is your safety net. Have all the freedom of a retractable leash, but always within a safe range that you decide. Dial-A-Distance extends out and retracts in as your dog moves around, but when your dog reaches max range, Dial-A-Distance keeps your dog safe. For additional safety, Dial-A-Distance uses a strong tape leash instead of a cord.
SET ANY MAX RANGE FROM 0 TO 15 FEET: On a crowded sidewalk? Maybe try a max of 2 feet. On a more open trail? Try 7 or 8 feet. In a wide-open park? Let your dog enjoy the full 15-foot range. Dial-A-Distance can always be the perfect safe length for where you are now. Also includes a standard manual thumb brake for when you want to stop your dog short of the maximum range.
EASY TO USE: Dial-A-Distance adjusts in a second with just the turn of a dial. Works with any collar or harness.

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