DIY Braided Rope Dog Leash Tutorial

Let’s face it, leash laws are popping up everywhere you go. If you own a dog there’s a good chance you need to own a dog leash. If you don’t own one yet maybe you’re thinking of buying one. Or maying you’re thinking of manufacturing them and selling them at your local flea market or swap meet. Whatever your reason, I’m going to share with you how I made my own dog leash.

It’s easy, I followed this DIY tutorial for an Ombre Rope Dog Leash.

I kicked it up a little bit because my dog’s a puller. Instead of using a clasp to hold the leash’s handle and hardware in place I used nautical rope splicing techniques and braided eye splices into my 3-strand rope. I repeated the eye-hook process for the handle and the hardware for an extra durable leash.

Getting the rope was easy. My local Lowe’s hardware store had what I needed. I’m sure Home Depot or Ace or whatever your local hardware store is has rope, too.

Choosing the right rope was harder. I considered a nylon rope because they’re more water resistant and dog walks happen in all types of weather, but I decided on a more poly/cotton heavy blend of rope because I wanted it to absorb more of the colored dye I used.

For me, the most difficult part was the braiding. But, I managed to do it. I’ve never braided anything like this before, so I had to watch a YouTube video to learn how to splice an eye-hook into 3-strand rope. This one was very helpful.

All in all, I was proud of my rope leash. It lasted quite a while and served me well. If it wasn’t so easy to buy things with 1-click off Amazon I’d do it again in a pinch.

If you think the leash idea is cool, but you’d rather buy essentially the same exact thing — minus the blood, sweat, and tears — for about the same price as the materials are going to cost you wholesale… it’s about $12.00 USD.

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