Dog Doorbell – GoGo Bell Deluxe with Solid Brass Bell For Loud Clear Tone

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Your search for the best Dog Doorbell is finally over. When you purchase your our Bell today here’s what you should do…

When that cute little box from Amazon arrives, rip it open. Take out the beautiful brass bell and remove it from it’s packaging. Grasp it firmly in one hand hand and give the bell a tiny shake. Notice the pleasant chime it makes. The clear tone can easily be heard from other rooms. The included instructions will guide you step-by-step on how to train your dog to use the Deluxe Bell. Your bell includes two screws which makes it easy to put the bell at the perfect height for your dog.

What separates our Deluxe Bell from the competition?

It starts with safety and quality. Jingle bells were never designed to be used by pets. They contain several slots which your dog’s claws can become stuck in which is dangerous. Our solid Brass bell contains no slots. Unlike other bells that are made with thin ribbon that can easily fray our bell is made out of solid brass. Bells that hang off door knobs may not hang low enough for puppies or small dogs to reach. It’s this attention to detail and design that separates us from the rest.

It’s because of this we’re able to make a guarantee unlike any other you’ve seen for dog door bells.

Try our Deluxe Bell and if it ever breaks or your dog simply is in that 5% that can’t be trained to use it return it for a full refund of the purchase price.

So order now and when you do consider getting two… one for inside and one for outside.

95% SUCCESS RATE ☞ Easily and Quickly Train Your Dog To Ring the Bell When Nature Calls. Step-by-Step Instructions are Included to Help You Easily Train Your Dog To Use The Bell. The Pleasant Chime Sound Can be Heard When Your Dog Wants to Go Out
SAFER ☞ Your Dog’s Nails Can Easily Get Caught in Jingle Type Bells. Our Bell Has No Dangerous Slots for Nails to Get Caught In
NO DOOR SCRATCHING ☞ Other Dog Doorbells Encourage Dogs To Scratch the Bell Right Next to the Door. Guess What Your Door Soon Looks Like? Our Bell is Designed to Float a Few Inches Away From the Wall or Door Reducing the Chance of Your Dog Scratching Them When Ringing the Bell
EASY TO INSTALL ☞ Our Bells come with two screws for easy installation. You can Mount the Bell on the Door or Wall. Unlike Strap type Door Bells which Might be to High for Puppies or Small Dogs to Reach You Can Put Our Bell at the Perfect Height for Your Dog
SOLID BRASS ☞ Unlike Strap Doorbells that are Made With Thin Fabric That Can Easily Fray Over time From Scratching. Our Bells Are Made Out of Solid Metal Guaranteed to Never Break

Price: $18.58
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