Dog Obedience Tip: Do not teach DOWN from a SIT position

As dog training goes this guy Richard Heinz is on point. He’s a little dry to listen to, but skip ahead to 1:38 in the don’t teach your dog down from sit obedience training tips video above to see how great his dogs are at the down command and you’ll understand he knows what he’s talking about. Don’t take my word for it. Watch the dog training video.

Essentially, if you’re teaching your dog to sit and then down from that sitting position, you will never be able to command your dog to down while it’s on the move. It’s a cool trick, but it’s a must know for keeping your dog safe when it matters. Like, if your dog has run out into traffic and needs to duck under a moving truck. Down could save your dog’s life.

Training Technique:

  • Get a treat in your hand.
  • Use a treat and ask your dog to sit
  • Place your hand with the treat in it palm-side down on the floor like you’re patting the floor. Let your dog sniff your hand, but do not let her have the treat.
  • Do not give a cue yet or say anything at all.
  • Your dog’s going to try and figure out how she can earn the treat. As soon as she lies down, reward her with the treat and praiser her with a “yes!” or “good!”.
  • Repeat the exercise several times. Be consistent. Wait for the action, catch it, reward with a treat while giving praise.

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