Dog Training Clicker – Bonus eBook For Pet Obedience and Housebreaking – 2 Pack Set With Wrist Strap – Safe and Humane Way To Train Your Dogs – Great Gift Idea

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The Fastest and Most Effective Way To Train Your Dog

When we first got our dog Ginger, she was the typical undisciplined puppy. She’d bark at everyone, destroy things, jump up on the couch, and of course she couldn’t do any tricks. After just a few weeks of clicker training, Ginger was completely transformed. Just one click made her obey us immediately. It also works as positive reinforcement, so it’s perfect for teaching tricks. Most importantly of all, it doesn’t hurt our baby like those horrible training collars.

Creating The Ideal Clicker

We were disappointed with the clickers available in the market, so we set out to make the type of clicker that we’d like to use. This clicker feels incredibly solid in the hand. The clicking action is easy, and the noise is very loud. This means your dog will be able to hear the clicker in busy environments, which is critical for safety. It also has a wrist strap, so it’s always at hand when you need it.

Comes With Bonus eBook To Make Training Faster and Easier

Using the principles and techniques in this book alongside this clicker, you’ll see incredibly quick results and changes in the way your dog acts and obeys commands.

Guaranteed Effective With A Lifetime Warranty

If you follow the instructions in the ebook and find that the clicker doesn’t work for your dog, then you can simply send it back to us for a no-questions-asked refund. This clicker is also covered by a lifetime warranty. Just register it with us. If the clicker breaks, wears out, or has any other type of problem, then we’ll give you a replacement. If that wears out, then we’ll give you another replacement. You aren’t just buying one clicker – you’re buying a clicker for the rest of your life.

Train Your Dog Quickly, Easily and More Humanely – Pick Up This Dog Clicker Today

★ LOUD CLICKING SOUND: Inferior dog clickers have a soft click that dogs can’t hear outdoors or in noisy environments. This training clicker has a clear, distinct and loud sound that your dog can’t fail to hear, no matter whether you are at home or outside in a busy area.
★ COMPLETELY SAFE AND HUMANE: We know you love your dog just as much as we love ours, and you’d never want to hurt him. A dog clicker is a safe and humane method of dog training and obedience that is actually much faster and more effective than harsh, painful training methods like shock collars. Works great for housebreaking too.
★ INTEGRATED WRISTBAND: The handy wristband means that you’ll always have the clicker close at hand when you’re taking your beloved dog out for a walk, and you’ll never accidentally lose it. It fits any wrist, and can even stretch over winter clothing.
★ WITH BONUS DOG TRAINING E-BOOK: Training your dog with a clicker is easy, and we’ll show you exactly how. With the methods in our bonus ebook, your dog will catch on incredibly quickly, learning tricks and obedience faster and easier than you can ever imagine.
★ A CLICKER FOR LIFE: Register your clicker with us and we’ll replace it if it breaks or gets worn out. When that wears out, we’ll replace it again. You aren’t just buying one clicker. You’re buying a clicker for the rest of your life.

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