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The all-in-one pet protection solution that maximizes the chances of finding lost pets.


DOTT works 4X better than a microchip and enables owners to proactively search for their pet in the event it goes missing. Unlike traditional GPS trackers which can be power hungry, require a monthly subscription and charging every 1-3 days. DOTT is not a GPS tracker and it does not contain a battery-consuming GPS chip.


How It Works:

Turn on virtual leash to receive notifications if your pet goes out of range during a walk.

After you have reported your pet lost, the app will continuously broadcast the poster on the map and immediately send out a lost pet alert to everyone nearby.

The in-app auto-tracking will be turned on and the app will search for your pet continuously. Signals can be picked up even if the phone or iPad is inside a fast-moving vehicle.

The long battery life enables the tag to continuously emit a signal with coverage of up to 85 standard basketball courts for up to 6-9 months, allowing you to get more helpers by sharing the app with your friends and neighbors even after your pet is lost. When it enters the radius of someone with the app, the app immediately notifies the owner of the pet’s location and everyone around will get a lost-pet-nearby alert.

Your lost pet poster will be advertised on social media platforms to recruit more users in your neighborhood and help find your lost pet, fast!


The DOTTwalk app is also designed to simplify daily pet care:

-Keep track of your pet’s daily walks, food intake, potty breaks, treats, medication & more

-Track the duration and distance of walks to ensure your pet gets enough exercise

-Share pet care responsibilities with all caretakers and keep your pet’s schedule intact

Compatible with iOS device (iOS 9.3 or above) only


Important note: DOTT does NOT support Android devices & DOTT is not a GPS tracker

“Best invention” by MSN money & “Best 5 Pet Gadgets You Should Buy” by TechnoNerd

Works better than a microchip, any mobile phone can pick up the signal and no scanner is needed

Lost Pet Recovery: Digital lost pet broadcasts and active search functions are supplemented by 24/7 DOTT community network support. DOTT has a battery life of 6-9 months and works differently from GPS trackers on the market which can be extremely power hungry and requires a subscription


Please note DOTT is not a GPS tracker and it does not contain a battery-consuming GPS chip.

360 Pet Care: Neighborhood alerts for heat, flood, and pet poisons. Track dog walks, potty breaks, medication, etc. to keep your pet healthy

No Subscription Fee– no activation fees / monthly fee.

Compatible with iPhone & iPad devices (iOS 9.3 or above) only

& it does NOT support Android devices

Price: $39.99
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