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Many paws and pads become dry, cracked or irritated due to hot, cold, icy or salty surfaces, friction from agility or fly-ball sports, or other causes. By applying Paw Protector year round, it can save paws from irritation. Simply apply it to paws at the door. Waxes wear off in about twenty minutes of walking. Nutrients penetrate the skin for long lasting protection.DR.MAGGIE Paw Protector is a convenient alternative to boots when walking dogs in harsh conditions that can irritate and damage their paws.
Safe Natural Ingredients
Moisturizing and conditioning agents for effective year round protection including:
Shea Butter
Jojoba Oil
WINTER APPLICATION: Apply liberally to pads and between toes.
Soft at room temperature for easy application
Waxes harden in cold weather to:
Prevent irritation from street salt
Repel ice and snow
Prevent painful build up between toes and around pads
Continues conditioning and protecting after the waxes wear off
No messy clean up when you get home
SUMMER APPLICATION: Apply a small amount when sidewalks are hot.
Prevent dryness and irritation from hot pavement
Healing and moisturizing agents prevent friction from fly-ball or agility sports
PROTECT PAWS from ice, salt, snow! Wax forms a protective layer to repel ice and snow!
PREVENT irritation, cracking and bleeding paws caused by salt and chemicals used to melt snow.
ALL NATURAL! Contains Beeswax, Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil to moisturize and condition paws.
NO MORE ANNOYING SOCKS or BOOTIES that your pet won’t wear or that are hard to fit!
Easy to apply- simply apply generously by hand. Waxes wear down after 20 min of walking.

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