EWW! All Natural Pet Odor Remover- Effective on Urine and Vomit

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EWW! Pet Odor Remover- Naturally Eliminating Pet Odors, Great for any Odor that your Pet Leaves Behind

Your pet walks through the door and you want to greet them with a big smile! As soon as they get close a smell hits your nose and you want to run away screaming EWW! You don’t know where the smell came from or what they got into but you now are worried that it has gotten all over the house! With EWW! your first step is now to the grab the bottle and spray down your pet.

Gently apply the spray onto your pet, avoiding the eyes, mouth and inner ears, and rub it into their fur like shampoo then let it dry naturally. Now you are on hunt spraying down any surface without fear removing any smell from everything. No longer are you saying EWW when you pass by your pet.

This product is not a stain remover but is an effective odor killer. BREAK DOWN ODORS & DEODORIZES AT THE ENZYME LEVEL! Break down any Pet odor at a molecular/enzyme level with this ALL NATURAL odor Eliminator, Does not mask the odor, it destroys it!
ALL NATURAL TEA TREE OIL IS OUR SECRET WEAPON – contemporary data clearly show that the broad-spectrum activity of Tea Tree Oil includes antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and antiprotozoal activities which is why this product is such a vital element in your pets health
SAFE TO USE- Using Natural ingredients, EWW is not only safe for all of your pets, but is safe for use around your children as well.
ANY SURFACE- Safe to use on fur, carpets, couches, Pet Bed, Scratching Posts and comforters
If you are not 100% happy with EWW, send it back for a full refund.

Price: $17.99
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