Hands Free Dog Leash with Training Treat Pouch

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Would you like to keep your hands free to hold a water bottle, a cell phone or push a stroller while walking/ running with your puppy?

Would you like to have a comfortable and strong retractable dog leash which reducing shoulder/back pain or injury risk?

YOUTHINK Hands Free Dog Leash Is your best choice. Why Choose YOUTHINK Hands Free Dog Leash?

Enjoy Extra Mobility
The Hands Free Dog Leash for Running allows you to keep on checking your work emails on your smartphone or finish reading the newspaper while safely walking him though the neighborhood.

Dual Built-In Handles
Better control and guide your dog back on track with the one handle that’s positioned by your hip.

Adjustable Waist Lead Belt
Can be easily adjusted to fit waists from 26″ up to 48.”

Reflective Stitching For Safe Night Strolls
Reflective design gives you extra visibility even during your night walks,keep you and your dog safe.

Dog Treat Pouch
Easily carry your pet’s treats and training tools and your valuables and your phone as well in generous sized training treat bag.

Collapsible Pet Bowl
Easy carry in your bag and perfect for your for journeys, hiking, kennels and camping with your pet.

Package Include:
1 x Hands Free Dog Leash
1 x Waist Belt
1 x Dog Treat Pouch
1 x Shoulder Straps
1 x Collapsible Silicone Pet Bowl
1 x Dog Poop Bag Holder
1 x Roll of Waste Bag
Dog Walking Assessories Set, our hands free dog walking leash set has strong dual bungees provides sufficient slack to absorb the brute force of a strong-pulling dog, it has ample tensile strength to hold the dog alongside of it; FREE BONUS: collapsible pet bowl and training treat pouch
Use as Double Dog Leash, you can attach two dogs to the leash WITHOUT buy another coupler; the two strategically placed handles accessories allow you maintain control of your pet with the sturdy double handles that are conveniently placed and fully accessible, strategically placed and adequate for training activity or street traffic moments
More Space More Freedom, this dog walking leash set includes treat pouch which has more space for toys, treats, and even the portable food or water bowl; it can also hold your iphone, keys, cards and etc; with an adjustable long strap or belt and a sturdy belt clip, you can keep the dog walking bag around your waist or over the shoulder
Various Ways to Use, there are 9 different ways you can configure the versatile dual handle leash for yours and your dog’s needs; you can use it as normal lead, as double leash, as short leash, as training bungee or as a running leash; REFLECTIVE STITCHING – Padded cushion belt design, reduce painful friction when using; reflective design gives you extra visibility even during your night walks, keep you and your dog safe
Enjoy Extra Comfort, a traditional dog walking leash always makes your hand out of action for anything else except holding that leash; but this hands free dog walking leash set is perfect as a dog leash set for runners or for improved comfort and enjoyment when walking with your dog; benefit from a dual spring build that will absorb all jerks and lunges from dogs up to 150lb

Price: $48.99 $26.99
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