Newbury Paws Classic Harness, Premium Dog Harness for Large Breed Dogs (M / Bright Stripes)

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The Newbury Paws Classic Harness is specially designed for big dogs. Its high-quality construction, comfortable design, and convenient features eliminate leash pulling and neck strain and improve control and security. The smart design ensures that you and your dog can relax and enjoy the great outdoors in true New England style. All Newbury Paws products are built to last and strive to be comfortable for your dog and convenient for you. Developed in collaboration with a canine physical therapist, the Classic Harness is the only dog harness you’ll ever need. Check out our website for more photos and a detailed sizing guide.Premium dog harness designed specifically for big dogs.
Quilted fabric shell, designer trim, luxury details, and double padding give this harness a classic New England look with an extra-comfortable fit for your dog. Breathable water- and fur-resistant fabrics can handle big dog play.
Engineered for everyday use. Quick easy-on/easy-off side snaps on both sides eliminate doggie-wrangling at walk time, and the harness has two leash connections: one on top for everyday use, and a second in front for no-pull leash training.
A handy phone-sized pocket means you can walk your pup in yoga pants, or just let him carry his own doggie-bags. All sizes fit an iPhone 5.
Made in USA

Price: $97.47
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