Organic Pet Stain Odor & Remover – Professional Strength Eliminator 32 oz Spray

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From Paws & Pals a trusted and established name in pet supplies comes our exclusive all natural two in one pet stain and odor remover. Now you can safely and easily remove pet stains and stench naturally and with no fear of chemicals or harsh scents. Paws & Pals’s Pet Stains Remover is a blend of organic ingredients, natural enzymes, and refreshing essential oils which together lift pet stains away from carpet, furniture, rugs, upholstery or bedding quickly and easily leaving only a light refreshing scent as evidence.2-in-1 PET STAIN & ODOR REMOVER: Removes pet messes from carpet & upholstery while eliminating odors.

NATURAL & ORGANIC: Made with organic blends of essential oils & enzymes, safe for children & pets.

SAFE & EASY TO USE: Spray on affected areas and allow natural enzymes to lift and remove stains.

DEAL ON ANY SURFACE: Use on carpet, furniture rugs or bedding to quickly eliminate stains & stench.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If youre not satisfied with your pet stain remover return at any time.

Price: $19.95

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