PetSilver Teeth & Gum Spray for Dogs | Vet Formulated | Natural Dental Care Solution | Control Tarter and Plaque Build Up | Antimicrobial Formula

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PetSilver Teeth & Gum Spray is all natural, non-toxic and testing has shown our silver to kill over 650 disease causing organisms. PetSilver has shown to relieve pain while reducing inflammation. The presence of silver near bacteria or other single pathogens disables its oxygen metabolism enzyme and within 4-6 minutes the pathogen suffocates and dies. Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics, which also destroy beneficial enzymes, PetSilver leaves these tissues-cell enzymes intact. Chelated Silver the main ingredient in PetSilver has proven to be a remedy and prevention to many infections and the fermentation of various bacteria. It’s completely safe for you and your pet. The Safe, All Natural Antibiotic…ELIMINATE BAD BREATH – PetSilver® is all natural with no flavors and contains 2 ingredients: chelated silver and distilled water.
CONTROL PLAQUE & TARTAR BUILD UP -support healthy dental hygiene without a toothbrush, toothpaste
EASY TO USE – Spray directly in your pet’s mouth onto the teeth and gum line
DAILY USE – Odorless and Painless. Use regularly to maintain healthy teeth and gums or rapid healing from mouth sores and injuries
HEALTHY = HAPPY… Treat your pet the the best germ killer… its all natural and safe for your pet and your family. Superior to any Colloidal Silver An exclusive formulation of chelated silver. For more info

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