Potty Training Your Puppy is Hard

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Potty training your puppy isn’t rocket science, but it can be painfully difficult for some dog owners.

Essentially, you want to stay on top of your new puppy’s every move. Don’t allow your furry friend the chance to make a mistake. Sounds easy, but try adding a new activity to your life that you have to do once an hour every single day until it clicks and see if you remember or are even able to do it.

Filling out a daily puppy potty training worksheet can make life much more manageable.

When you have a strategy for accomplishing your goals it is much easier to achieve them. Mapping out your puppy’s daily potty goals and tracking their results lets you set a course of action for successfully housebreaking your dog.

With a plan of action, you’ll be able to visualize, plan, and adjust puppy breaks as needed. You can also keep track of how and how much you’re rewarding your puppy when he does a good job. By ensuring your rewards are consistent you’ll ensure your puppy’s expectations are consistent.

Eventually, your dog will learn they are getting the treat for going potty outside.

You can use this sheet to keep track of your puppy’s potty schedule for an entire 24 hours!

Puppy Potty Training Worksheet Instructions

Step 1: When is your puppy unsupervised?

Step 1 is to mark the hours your puppy will be unsupervised. You can highlight or check the boxes where you know your puppy is going to be left alone. Like, when you’re sleeping. Or if you have to go to work.

Step 2: When is your puppy with a human?

Step 2 is to mark the hours your puppy will be with human supervision. This lets you establish the time blocks that will require human supervised potty breaks.

Step 3: When will you take your puppy to the bathroom?

Step 3 requires you to mark the times you plan to schedule your puppy’s potty breaks. This is a good way to make sure you take your puppy out often, so he has a chance to go.

Step 4: Did your doggy doo doo?

Step 4 is for you to mark whether your puppy went pee, poop, or both. By noting what your puppy did during the potty break you can fill in how to reward him. Give a treat or two for a pee. Give a couple more for a poop. And toss the motherload at your puppy when he does both acts in the place you want him to do them.

Step 5: Whats the reward system?

Step 5 Is to record the time after pottying that you dedicate to playing with or training your puppy. It’s an extra reward that’s optional but highly recommended. Puppy’s love the attention and it’s a form of positive reinforcement that doesn’t involve over-treating them. Eventually, you will be able to reduce the number of treats to zero and reward your puppy with only love.

Take notes

Record any notes in the notes column. For example, if your puppy doesn’t go to the bathroom when you take it out you could write a note about what happened and that you’ve scheduled another pee break for a short time later.

Sample Puppy Potty Training Daily Worksheet

Take a look at this sample puppy potty training worksheet for an example of how to fill it out.

Puppy Potty Training Worksheet Instructions

Download the FREE Puppy Potty Training Worksheet

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