Rocket & Rex Premium, Reusable / Washable Puppy Potty Training Pads

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rocket & rex, 2-pack, extra large, 30×36 inch puppy pads are high quality, durable, and leak proof.

Tested up to 300 washes. The washable puppy and dog pads will last wash after wash without fraying, with the waterproof backing continuing to keep your floors and rugs completely dry and the top and middle layers providing superior absorption and odor control. These pads are more absorbent than disposable pads.


Our reusable pads are not only the green and eco friendly choice, but they’re also less expensive than continuing to buy disposable pads while potty training your dog.


rocket & rex puppy pads have many uses.

They can be used for incontinence issues with older, sick and diabetic dogs, protecting furniture and bedding from pet fur and dirt, lining kennels, crates or play pens, protecting surfaces post-surgery, going under food bowls or litter boxes, and in your car or kennel during travel.


rocket & rex pads are both functional and attractive. You’ll be proud to show them off!


The 30 x 36 inch size is spacious enough for puppies and larger dogs, and the pads four-layer design quickly absorbs urine and controls odor, even with adult dogs.


Wash on a regular cycle in warm or hot water.

Use 1 oz of chlorine bleach, per full load, to sanitize.

Dry on low heat or line dry.

Note: Use of softeners can potentially reduce absorbency.BEST ABSORPTION AND ODOR CONTROL – Absorbs and retains fluids and odors better than any other pads for extended indoor stays, and prevents tracking, to protect your floors and rugs and keep them dry.
MULTI-USE – Great for housebreaking puppies, protecting crates and carriers during transport, whelping, incontinence, sick / diabetic dogs, protecting furniture and rugs from pet fur and dirt, lining kennels and playpens, protecting surfaces post-surgery, placing under food bowls and litter boxes, and for travel! Also great for adult and child bed wetting, sheet protectors and mattress covers.
SAVES MONEY AND CONVENIENT – Not only more environmentally friendly than disposable pads, but also less expensive. Plus, no more dealing with the mess of disposables throughout the day!
TOP QUALITY AND DURABILITY – rocket & rex extra-large pads have 4 super absorbent layers, including a waterproof backing, that will continue to perform wash after wash.
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Not only are rocket & rex pads the best looking product of their kind, but if for any reason you’re not 100% happy with their quality, we’ll refund your purchase. Your happiness is our priority, so what are you waiting for? Try rocket & rex puppy pads today!

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