Rogz Fun Dog Treat Ball (various sizes and colors)

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Not just a treat ball, Grinz is the funniest dog ball on the market! With it’s unique smile, this ball bounces and floats so a physically fit game of fetch is most certain to occur. With the added treat feature, Grinz not only encourages physically active dogs but stimulates mentally sharp ones too! Simply put the treats in the back of the ball and let your pooch dive in. The tiny suction prevention hole in the front of the ball ensures that your dog’s tongue won’t get stuck trying to lick out those treats because safety is always first with Rogz! Available in 3 sizes and 5 colors, Grinz is the perfect, all-purpose toy for your dog.A fun pet ball in various colors to keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated
Fill the ball with your dog`s favorite treats or food for a fast Treat Dispenser
Ideal for Small to Medium sized dogs (size specific)
Grinz bounce too so triple up as a standard throw-and-fetch ball toy!

Price: $7.01 $6.95
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