SitStayGo Travel Pet Bowl & Leash System

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The SitStayGo Pet Dinette & Leash System has everything you need for you and your pet to stay on-the-go! No more packing, clipping, or forgetting: the world’s first ever pet dinette was designed with you and with your furry friend in mind to be safe, sturdy, and travel-friendly. Each handle is reinforced with stainless steel and secured with rust-proof screws that have withstood vigorous pull and safety tests. Both stackable, removable bowls are made of 100% BPA-free, food-grade plastic and dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Small, compact size allows for comfortable carrying and easy packing so your pet can come with you wherever you go – it’s great for trips to your office, a walk to the dog park, or a vacation across the world. The SitStayGo is just as ready for your next adventure as you are!

Each set includes:

  • 1 heavy-duty & detachable 5-foot nylon leash
  • 1 handle with ergonomic grip & built-in 10oz water flask with spill-proof cap
  • 2 stackable dishwasher safe bowls for food, treats, and storage to hold all of your pet’s travel necessities

The all-in-one, travel-friendly pet accessory you’ll never want to leave home without: CLEAN: Never worry about finding safe, clean drinking water for your pet on hot summer days, outdoor hikes, and car trips
HEALTHY: Always have food and treats on hand for pets with special dietary or medical needs like diabetes and hypoglycemia
EASY: Grab-and-go design means you’ll always have all of your pet’s necessities at your fingertipsPERFECT PET DINETTE: The SitStayGo modular leash system holds 10oz of water and has 2 detachable, customizable compartments so you can bring all your pet’s necessities with you wherever you go!
GRAB AND GO: Never worry about forgetting your dog’s bowl again! Compact size makes it great for camping, vacations, and car trips
EASY TO USE: Water spout is easy to fill at sinks and water fountains so you can always have clean, safe water for your pet
SAFE AND STURDY: Dishwasher safe, stackable bowls are made of BPA-free, food-grade plastic
ALL-IN-ONE SYSTEM: Each SitStayGo Pet Dinette & Leash comes with a sturdy 5-foot nylon leash, soft rubber grip handle with built-in water flask, and 2 bowls for food, treats, or storage!

Price: $34.99
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