Supreme Source® Grain-Free Pet Food Now Available With Organic Seaweed

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OGDEN, UtahJan. 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — American Pet Nutrition (APN) now offers Supreme Source® pet food with WellBoost™, a USDA organic seaweed that’s nutrient-rich and helps promote pet digestion and overall immune system health.

“As a veterinarian and dog owner myself, I’m always looking for new foods and the latest healthy ingredients to add to my pet’s diet,” says private practitioner Dr. Ruth MacPete, San Diego, Cal. “Supreme Source® with WellBoost is loaded with nutrients, vitamins and minerals, as well as prebiotics to promote healthy gut bacteria.”

The seaweed addition to Supreme Source complements the mix of antioxidants, vitamins, protein and fruits and vegetables already in the food.

“We strive to offer a rich source of nutrients for dogs and cats that you typically wouldn’t find in everyday pet food products,” says Matt Keller, Supreme Source brand manager, American Pet Nutrition. “The addition of seaweed as an ingredient gives pets prebiotics that can boost their immune systems.”

APN sources the seaweed from the rocky shores of Nova Scotia, where harsh conditions make this strain of seaweed naturally resilient to environmental stress. Nova Scotia produces a single-species of seaweed, not blended with other species, which produces a higher quality, more consistent product. The seaweed is sun-dried and blended into Supreme Source pet food before thorough tests to ensure quality and maintain standards.

“We are very careful to include only the targeted strain of seaweed in Supreme Source pet food,” says Keller, “to both maximize the potential health benefits and ensure consistency in every bag.”

According to Keller, the process by which this strain of organic seaweed is harvested is truly remarkable. The seaweed used in Supreme Source is harvested in small batches using hand-harvesting techniques that have been handed down through generations. The Supreme Source seaweed farmers are skilled in selecting the healthiest seaweed possible and harvesting only from the top of the plant, ensuring a sustainable harvest.

Supreme Source with WellBoost can be found in local grocery stores across the United States and on

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