Teach Your Dog the Sit Command

Mutt or not, every dog can learn to sit. You can teach your dog the sit command in just a few simple steps. With positive reinforcement and repetition, your dog will be sitting when you ask in no time.

Steps for teaching your dog to sit

  1. Get treats that excite your dog.
  2. Get your dog’s attention. Say their name and make eye contact.
  3. Show the dog a treat. You could let them smell how yummy it is.
  4. Move the treat from the dog’s nose to behind their head, with your hand open flat and the treat in your hand.
  5. Say “sit” as the dog sits and reward them with a treat.
  6. Praise your dog’s success. Let them know you approve in addition to a treat.
  7. Let your dog free from sitting. Rinse and repeat frequently.

As your dog becomes really good at sitting you can begin lessening the frequency of your treating.  You don’t want them to only sit for a treat or gain weight from training. Eventually, they will no longer expect a treat every time you ask them to sit and you will have a dog that sits on command.

Here’s a YouTube video to help you visualize the process of teaching your dog the sit command.

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