How to Teach Your Puppy Perfect Recall with Zero Effort

Cute puppy sitting on wood floor

Do you have a new puppy dog in your home? You need to teach it the come command, so you can recall your new friend anytime you want. A major problem many dog owners face with obedience training is that teaching dogs requires a large amount of time and involvement from not only your dog but from yourself. Using one simple trick you can practice recalling your dog all day long, with minimal effort on your part, until he understands.

A Simple Dog Teaching Technique

The trick to fitting in the amount of repetition you need to quickly teach your dog recall is being consistent. When you respond and reward consistently your dog will understand what you want from him sooner than if your response and rewarding is on-again-off-again.

Treats! Treats everywhere!

One way to consistently practice recall with your new dog in the comfort of your home is placing a container of treats in every room. A good treat container to buy will be airtight, so your treats in the spare bedroom won’t go stale. Any time you notice your dog is not by your side, call him to you. Use your come command one time, so he knows it’s the word that means come. You want to avoid repeating commands or else your dog might think he only needs to come once you have yelled the word loudly 5-times. When your dog comes to you successfully, praise and reward him. Having a treat container in every room of your house makes sure you’re always prepared for a teaching opportunity and that you’re always going to be consistent.

Taking advantage of the treats in every room technique offers an easy and fast way to teach your dog good behavior. Calling, praising, and rewarding will quickly become second nature to you. You will become your dog’s best friend because dogs adore humans who feed them delicious food. And, you’ll be one step closer to owning the dog of your dreams.

More Fun Dog Activities

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